A Thanksgiving Moment...

Once upon a time, Thanksgiving was one of my favorite days of the year. I loved the food, fellowship and simply being around family. Then as I got older and our family didn't/wasn't able to come together as often, things changed. Thanksgiving became hard for me without MY OWN individual family to share it with.

Being single and without children was magnified and seemed like the worst thing ever. My perspective was flawed. Instead of recognizing all of the wonderful opportunities I had when friends would invite me to share with their family, I was bitter about my own temporary circumstances. I'm so grateful for growth and a transformed mindset because being UNthankful on Thanksgiving was miserable.

I pray for anyone who is feeling alone today regardless of the reason. I pray for all who are grieving a loss and this day is difficult without your loved one(s). I pray your hope is not lost and your joy is restored. Allow yourself to be loved on by others. People really do care about you. And most of all, may God's love and peace overwhelmingly comfort you today and always!