Looking For Adam (Video)

This is one of the sweetest things a son could do for his mom. I loved watching his video and seeing how active his mom is in LIVING her life! Regardless of the fact that she doesn't have a husband, she is still enjoying herself and doing the things she likes to do. She isn't sitting around somewhere pining away for a husband and waiting for him to arrive before she gets out and does those things. She's doing them NOW, without him. As a result, she will attract the man who enjoys the same things. So that later, they will have wonderful things in common to do together.

I would like to introduce you to my mother, Eva, who´s single and deserves a good man. If you are that man or know someone who could be, than please contact us at: icouldbeadam@gmail.com

The other thing to note is the fact that mom's age has not stopped her from leading a very active life. Keep living folks! Love is everywhere you are. Love happens as you encounter others. Love is YOU. It's all just so LOVEly!

This woman's life is truly a love letter to her Dear Hubby. Kudos to her son for recording it!