The Beautiful Ones... There'll Never B Another Like U!

I've been in a writer's slump for some time now. But today my lyrical world was rocked. Prince is one of my most favorite artists of all time and his death shook me up in a way I wasn't quite expecting. I don't often get emotional over people I don't know, but Prince laid the sound track for most of my life. The creativity and musicianship he embodied greatly inspires me. Music "moods me" and Prince knew how to set my atmosphere with many different moods. Whether it was Funk,
Jazz, Classical, or Blues, Prince was able to tap into all of those genres with ease. He played multiple instruments extremely WELL. He wrote, produced, arranged and performed some of my most favorite songs of all time. I won't even begin to list them because I probably wouldn't be able to stop...there's just that many. His genius spanned multiple decades. Decades! He was still making music and building a lasting legacy at the time of his untimely death. He was only 57. Which brings me to how I was unexpectedly shook.

You make me so confused
The beautiful ones
You always seem to lose.
— Prince Rogers Nelson

Today I was compelled to write. When I got home from work, I went into my own personal archives and looked back on some of the things I've written over the years. Now that was some good 'ol motivation! Sometimes, life has a way of stifling creativity....if you let it. This week I've been reminded that I can't continue to allow that to happen. On Monday, a dear family member passed away. However, she left behind people whom she poured into with immense love and "Joy". Prince leaves behind a phenomenal catalog of music and people who will never forget how his music makes them feel. (And let's not forget the vault of music he's yet to even release....I really hope they find a way to share it with us!) It made me think about what I'll leave behind. What will my legacy be? Who have I impacted, and how? Death visited me this week. Although I'm sad, I'm also glad that it is the death of my stagnation as it relates to pursuing my passionate purpose of creating. What will I create? You'll have to stay tuned to find out.

Rest in Peace Joy Rubin and Prince Rogers Nelson. You will be truly missed!

♥ ❤ ❥ ❣♥ ❤ ❥ ❣♥ ❤ ❥ ❣♥ ❤ ❥ ❣♥ ❤ ❥ ❣♥ ❤ ❥ ❣♥ ❤ ❥ ❣♥ ❤ ❥ ❣

I want to leave you with this. A poetic piece I wrote in 2008 after a special night of being serenaded by Prince. Oh to be fly on the wall that night!


The intrigue that is you

Dates itself

And travels back into time

In your world

I didn’t really exist

However your entry into mine

Should be labeled a crime

The mere presence of you

Stole my attention

Moments passed

Days gone by

Months and also years

A memory thought to be forgotten

But in the blink of an eye

It reappears

Curiosity still reigns in my spirit

A wondering oh so deep

Is it possible to come and go?

And come and go

And come again

My heart’s palpitations

Hardly even skip a beat?

Finding your way into my dreams

Affecting my subconscious

Yet keeping my reality in a bind

Tapping into my wildest fantasies

As if you’d read my mind

You and all of your allure


Idly standing by

Ever so cautious and patient

Savoring every second’s high

Subtly seducing

Causing even more attraction for sure

It’s an enduring itch

That wants to be scratched

The desire extremely pure

Trying intently to redirect my focus

Not even acknowledging anything’s there

Except when I get around you

I wish I could help it

But I can’t

So I start to stare

Looking beyond your exterior

Pit-stopping at your soul

It takes everything in me

To show restraint and self-control

It’s a high stakes game we’re playin’

I know you see it

As observant as you are

Unable to hide what’s in plain view

Upon each and every encounter

I yearn to arrest

The intrigue that is you!

© 2008-2016 LyricLL Expressions - La Donna L. Lewis

The Greatest Love-Gift of All!

Christmas is a time traditionally spent with family and friends. What if you're single? What if you're sick? What if your loved ones have passed away? What if you don't have money to buy gifts? What if you can't cook? Our human emotions tell us these circumstances should prevent us from celebrating and "feeling" the joy of the season. God has shown me over the the years that none of those things really matter as much as I thought they did. Why? Because they all take the focus away from His Son.

There is only ONE reason for this season and that's Christ. He is what makes this Christmas day. Without Him, it's just another day. I'm so very thankful for both the birth and death of Christ. Because of Him I walk in freedom from sin and will have eternal life with Him. The gift of Salvation! I didn't have to buy it. And no one else spent any money to give it to me. It truly is the greatest gift of all!

This season let's be certain to share the greatest love-gift of all which is Jesus Christ. May His offering of salvation be received by everyone with whom we come in contact. May He comfort the lonely, heartbroken, and grieving. May the joy He brings overcome all sadness. May His peace impact the world. May His Love pierce our hearts.

"And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Luke And this will be the sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:10-14"

Merry Christmas!

A Thanksgiving Moment...

Once upon a time, Thanksgiving was one of my favorite days of the year. I loved the food, fellowship and simply being around family. Then as I got older and our family didn't/wasn't able to come together as often, things changed. Thanksgiving became hard for me without MY OWN individual family to share it with.

Being single and without children was magnified and seemed like the worst thing ever. My perspective was flawed. Instead of recognizing all of the wonderful opportunities I had when friends would invite me to share with their family, I was bitter about my own temporary circumstances. I'm so grateful for growth and a transformed mindset because being UNthankful on Thanksgiving was miserable.

I pray for anyone who is feeling alone today regardless of the reason. I pray for all who are grieving a loss and this day is difficult without your loved one(s). I pray your hope is not lost and your joy is restored. Allow yourself to be loved on by others. People really do care about you. And most of all, may God's love and peace overwhelmingly comfort you today and always!

Looking For Adam (Video)

This is one of the sweetest things a son could do for his mom. I loved watching his video and seeing how active his mom is in LIVING her life! Regardless of the fact that she doesn't have a husband, she is still enjoying herself and doing the things she likes to do. She isn't sitting around somewhere pining away for a husband and waiting for him to arrive before she gets out and does those things. She's doing them NOW, without him. As a result, she will attract the man who enjoys the same things. So that later, they will have wonderful things in common to do together.

I would like to introduce you to my mother, Eva, who´s single and deserves a good man. If you are that man or know someone who could be, than please contact us at: icouldbeadam@gmail.com

The other thing to note is the fact that mom's age has not stopped her from leading a very active life. Keep living folks! Love is everywhere you are. Love happens as you encounter others. Love is YOU. It's all just so LOVEly!

This woman's life is truly a love letter to her Dear Hubby. Kudos to her son for recording it!

Single Mom Looking for Boaz

By Kaywanda Lamb

As I sat to write this post, I thought about all the people who would call me crazy and tell me to just settle for a “good man”.  Yet, I went on and wrote it anyway. Below are my thoughts on the “Phenomenal woman waiting to meet the man God has for her.”

Dating as a single mom is hard. Omg! It’s ridiculous what men are accustomed to--- or should I say “some” men. Trying to date with kids is like driving a Ferrari over to the guy’s house you like, but when you step out of the car, with the kids, you look to him like you rode up in a hoopty (a very old car). You know what a hoopty is---that raggedy car you had in college. Lol! But, seriously, it seems like the talks of love and life together end and get replaced with “I don’t know” as soon as he finds out you have kids. Or he’ll say, “I just want to focus on my career,” or some other cockamamie crap like that. Listen, I am here to tell you that even that man (as good as he seems) is not worth your time. You need someone who understands that life can throw good people some curve balls and it doesn’t make them exempt from deserving love or wanting to give it. AND, your babies need a good example of what a kind, honest, ready, godly man looks like who is here for you and them.

With the above being said, I am still the hopeless romantic. Yes, I believe in love. I believe that we who want marriage will find it. I also believe that there are some things we must do differently if that is what we want. I list them below:

1. Refuse to date men who are not okay with you having children

I know he’s fine, but if he says he does not want kids, believe him. I know it looks slim, but there are men who will love you and your kids. Wait on it. Live and love in the meantime.

2. Do not stay in relationships that you know do not fit you

The key to getting to Boaz is your visibility. How can he find you if you’re still dealing with “Notsogoodtomeaz” or “Settlingforhimaz”? Break away. Be alone. It’ll do you good to figure out what you want and do not want in a mate and gain the courage to wait for it.

3. Be strong enough to be alone until a worthy mate comes along

As I said, being alone is necessary if you have no idea what you want. One, your kids do not need to think this is how dating goes. And two, slow your roll. Get to know you. This can be beautiful and painful, but do it.

4. Improve yourself in the waiting

Being single is a time to live, love, learn, serve, and grow as an individual so that when you become one (marriage) you have no regrets. You should be ready for the “doing life together” phase in reality and not just in theory. So, work on that dream. Build that business. Take those risks you know that when you are married you’d have to ask permission or get consensus.

5. Serve, live, and love right where you are

You don’t have to have a Bae to live. You can help others and serve in ministry and be fulfilled. Having a hubby to do life with is great, but if you are boring and empty that isn’t attractive. Get out, live, do! Help someone else. Love on you, your family, and friends. Your life is NOW! Don’t think it will start when he comes. No, live now!

Boaz and Ruth are persons from the Bible who found each other after Ruth and her Mother-in Law Naomi endured the deaths of every man they knew. Naomi lost her husband and all her sons. Ruth’s husband was Naomi’s son. Think of life back then. They were destitute, but Ruth hung in there with her Mother-in-Law and returned to her homeland with her. I won’t finish the story. But, there is wisdom in this story besides how Ruth was found by Boaz and did not pursue him. Sure, she dressed as nice as she could and smelled good, but she wasn’t out there winking and buying drinks. She was simply living. Also, there is the fact that Ruth listened to the wisdom of Naomi, who represents the older women in our lives. Today, sit at the feet of the wise older woman in your life. Listen to her. See what she has to say on men and courting. You might learn something!

I wish you the best as you raise your family and wait on your Boaz. He will not come to your door and announce his arrival. Let him find you living! Girl, enjoy yourself. Travel, learn something new, do what you’ve always wanted. You just might find your Boaz doing what you love. If not, you will have lived.

 Do It Anyway!

Kaywanda Lamb is a dynamic teacher, soon-to-be published author, and motivational speaker whose purpose is to teach single parents how to find their purpose and live it out. She helps single parents learn to balance their desire to be great with their desire to be great parents.

Visit her at "The Do It Anyway! Blog" at KaywandaLamb.com

Faith Moves Us From One Place To Another

By La Donna L. Lewis

This photo is full of so much meaning for me. It is the first photo I took when I got to Austin,TX; a picture of Lake Travis. Being a California Girl, I had to find some water immediately! Lol.

This photo is full of so much meaning for me. It is the first photo I took when I got to Austin,TX; a picture of Lake Travis. Being a California Girl, I had to find some water immediately! Lol.

At this time--11:37pm 4 years ago, I was on the highway by myself driving from California to Austin, TX. Well, I wasn't really alone though, thankfully it was me and Jesus because I still had about 4 more hours to go. I had embarked upon a journey and chose to leave the place I loved and lived for my entire life. A place I honestly never imagined leaving---unless of course a husband was on the other side of that move.

But that's not how it all went down. There wasn't a husband waiting for me, not even a fiancé. No house that I was going to be carried over the threshold of, nor a job to look forward to. No money in the bank, nor credit to rely upon. All I had was hope in Jesus and my faith to know that He had me covered. I left all that I knew for a "New Beginning". Some folks thought I was joking around when I told them I was leaving. I know they didn't really believe I would do it. Why? It didn't make sense...not to them anyway. I can only imagine the things they were thinking. They probably thought I was crazy. But for me, it was more about obedience and trust than anything else. I had to trust that I heard from God, and because I knew I did, that meant I had to trust that He had me covered, protected and would provide everything I needed. He did exactly that. He showed up in ways that I knew it could ONLY be Him. I had a peace about it all. I had no clue what was going to happen, but I knew that if HE had His Hand in it, I would be just fine.

Stepping out on Faith means doing something without knowing the ins and outs, ups and downs, etc. But because of Faith the ultimate outcome would be for MY good and for HIS Glory. Y'all, I'm GOOD, and He gets ALL THE GLORY for it! I encourage you to step out on Faith with whatever it is that has been tugging at you. Trust Him. He has you covered.