hub·by   ˈhəbē/

noun informal

noun: hubby; plural noun: hubbies

  1. a husband.

hus·band   huhz-buhnd


       1.  a married man, especially when considered in relation to his partner in marriage.

      2.  British.  a manager.



To encourage the celebration of marriage, positive relationships, and effective communication through interactive dialogue and creative expression. We desire to provide a platform to share wisdom, verbalize thoughts, uncover feelings and be heard outside of one's own mind. We want to see people enjoying every aspect of life with or without a spouse in order to promote successful relationships within our communities. We will also provide support in anticipation and preparation for women whose husbands are soon to come.

Loving & Living Life– As if YOU Were Here! ™

Even though my “Dear Hubby” may not be physically present, it doesn’t stop me from talking to him all the time—- about anything and everything. He is a great sounding board!


La Donna L. Lewis, M.A.--Marriage & Family Therapy



  • Increase positive images of marriage and the family. 
  • Highlight appreciation for one another.
  • Create a safe place for dialogue about relationships.
  • Discover & honor husbands from around the world.
  • Encourage effective communication within relationships.
  • Support creativity and expression.